1. Day 180: Writing from Singapore

    Today I met an old boss/colleague who now lives in Singapore.  I’ve not seen her since 2003, but through the wonder of our socially connected world, I noticed she was living in Singapore so reached out to her on LinkedIn and here we are!

    The internet has definitely made the world seem smaller.  I’ve been able to look at live images of my home through an app, speak to my family on video calls and generally keep in touch using WhatsApp and email.  My niece was very excited when I spoke to her on Saturday as she was going to a party.  She makes me happy any day of the week.  It was almost like being with her, but not quite… My father and I bought her a tablet from quite an early age and it’s funny how people of her generation will take technology for granted.

    I am finding it useful myself as my friend lent me an old iPhone so I got a local sim giving me access to data (main purpose).  I then become something of a local expert as I can use Google Maps as well as anyone else (or at least I’m learning as I go along!).

    This is my first trip on my own for a length of time.  I’m lucky that my friend and her family are putting me up (hopefully that’s not putting up with me!), so I’ve been able to come away for nearly three weeks.

    It’s given me time to adjust to the time difference (a little), though not the humidity.  I’ve been fortunate not to get soaked in what is rainy season here.

    I’m currently on a career break, having left my role at the end of March.  I am on or around Day 180, so more or less six months into my ‘journey’.

    I wanted to take some time out as I’d been working full-time for twenty years.  I left school after A-Levels and went straight to work.  I undertook an HNC in Business and Finance.  I continued with a top-up degree in Business Studies.  I then proceeded to get first time passes in CIMA (accounting).  So I had a long time both studying and working.

    I’d been at my last company for eleven years and I felt that each year proceeded to go by at an ever faster pace.  Before you knew it, it was Christmas again and I would think about what I did and didn’t have in my life.

    About five years ago a few people close to me died, and this really hit home that life is short and made me question a lot of things.

    So I currently find myself with plenty of time on my hands (in theory, as it’s amazing how you can fill your time) and want to use this blog to chart my progress as I’ve coined it ’emerging from the chrysalis’. I plan to talk about the feelings I’ve had – which can range from too worried to too relaxed and back in a day!

    I’m hoping it will help someone else out there and that writing will aid my own decision process.

    So far I’ve set up various social channels, and have been tweeting a daily inspirational quote so if you found me via that, I hope you follow me and these quotes make you feel happier. Equally, if you want to follow me I’m @bfliesflutter17.

    Thanks for reading this.

    Enjoy today.

    PS – here’s a little something I treated myself to today.


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