1. Day 138: Grey’s Anatomy

    I am in the middle of a torrid (or should that be Torres) love affair.  It’s an all-consuming addiction, which I know will end eventually, though hopefully in a satisfying way.  For now though I’m caught in the eye of the storm.  I can’t wait to get my next fix and each time it’s completely gripping and I can’t take my eyes off it.  It all started out quite innocently with a weekly date, in the name of research (and ‘work’), but quite quickly grew into something all encompassing.

    Who is the object of my affection? Well really it’s what.  But, if we stick with who, it’s Shonda Rhimes.  I signed up to her Masterclass having already been very familiar with (and similarly addicted to) Scandal.  I yearn for Olivia and Fitz to get together in the end, though I’m not sure if that is going to happen and can’t believe the final season is coming up.  Also would that be a satisfactory end, or is that more of the ‘happy ending’ that I am always seeking? That doesn’t necessarily exist in real-life…

    As part of the pre-work for the Masterclass you need to be familiar with Shonda’s work.  So now I’ve completely fallen in love with Grey’s Anatomy.  Unfortunately as it’s an older series, there are lots of ways to learn about plotlines ahead of watching it.  Friends, family, the Internet, even Shonda herself have all given away things that are going to happen.  But I love it all the same.  I’m currently watching Season Six, and the most poignant moment for me so far has been someone writing ‘007’ on Meredith’s hand.

    I am a highly sensitive person with an overactive imagination, so in the past have kept well clear of hospital dramas and anything violent, so why I watch TV programmes where people are literally skinning people, or undertaking a plethora of medical procedures is sometimes beyond me.  I know it’s because of the character development, and the overarching relationships between them that keeps me hooked.

    As previously mentioned, I’m currently on a career break and I’ve always wanted to be a writer.  I signed up to both Aaron Sorkin’s and Shonda Rhimes’s Masterclasses for inspiration.

    This blog is about my change journey, though the outcome or ‘happy ending’ is not yet known.  I’ve kept a daily journal so will start pulling together key/common themes in future posts.  I am hopeful that things I’ve been through might help you.  If you learn nothing else, watch Grey’s Anatomy if you haven’t already! And please no more spoilers.

    Enjoy today.

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