1. New year, new start

    I’ve been offered a new job.  I’ll be working for a well-known (in my field) software company.  I’m thrilled.  So far I’ll be looking for roles for four other people when I get there! Not sure if that’s the company, me, or a mix of both.  Either way,  I start in the new year, so it really is a case of new year, new start for me.


    At the beginning of the year, I was lucky enough to already have a month-long holiday booked to Australia and New Zealand.  I was open to new ideas and was seeking inspiration on that trip.  It was also nice as normally when I go away I worry about work (at least for the first day or so).  This time I had a natural end point, albeit I would then be entering a period of uncertainty.

    When I returned, I spent a lot of time thinking about what I wanted to do next.  I was again lucky that the weather was so good from when I left work.  Going out for walks, alone or with others was great.  I had lots of different ideas it appears having reviewed my notes.  However I’ve ended up returning to the arena that I’m familiar with, though from a different angle.  It actually feels like I’m returning to my first ever role.  I’ve gone full-circle and learnt a lot to allow me to return if that makes sense.  Like a natural symmetry.

    Looking back over the whole period, I’ve had a level of anxiety.  I’m not someone who likes change much.  This week I’ve found myself pondering what the new company will be like, whether I will settle in quickly, whether I can do the job etc etc.  I think all normal things really.

    I’d worked at the same company, in different roles, for eleven years so any new place is going to be different.  However, I have had opportunities to interview at lots of great places and it’s funny how you might not end up where you thought.  By going through the processes, it helps solidify what is important to you.  I am feeling so positive about the new role.  I just hope to ‘fast-forward’ to the feeling comfortable and knowing what I am doing phase!

    I’ve now got four weeks to ‘sew things up’ and get as prepared as possible for starting the new role.  I also want to enjoy the run-up to Christmas.  I will have had nine months off, so it’s bound to be a shock to the system!


    Christmas is a time for reflection generally… I’ve finally created some photo books, one of the month-long trip to Oz/NZ, and the other for my year to remember what I’ve done in the time off.  I enjoyed spending the time looking over the photos, as it’s amazing how much you forget about.

    Last week I restarted Davina’s 30 day fat burn plan and I also opened the Happiness Cube which is also a 30-day plan.  This led me to thinking about habits.

    I’ve long been a fan of Gretchen Rubin and she’s done a lot of work around identifying how we make and break habits.  More information here.  Christmas is also a time when we start thinking about what we’d like to change about ourselves and we often set ourselves resolutions in the new year.

    What I’ve learnt

    During the time off, I’ve rediscovered my love of swimming, but also my love of learning.  I’ve been enjoying doing the CPD required as part of the CIMA qualification along with doing research into new techniques for interviews.

    For me, in 2018 I want to focus on health and fitness, so having some form of exercise regime alongside the new role.  I also enjoy writing, so can continue to do this with this blog and with the book I’m writing.  I’ve also enjoyed learning more about myself and what matters to me.  I think it’s important to stay true to your values.

    One such article I’ve been reading states that our generation, or the pace of innovation, now means that we need to continuously be learning things.  Technology and what it can do for us really interests me, though I’m a bit dubious about robots (have you all seen I, Robot for goodness sake!).  When I was in Singapore at the ArtScience Museum there was a robot there which to be honest freaked me out.

    At the ArtScience Museum’s new exhibition on artificial intelligence, you’ll be greeted by a robot receptionist

    It was very clever, but there was just something spooky about it I felt, but I have an overactive imagination! Facebook shut down their project with robots after they started creating their own language.

    I think there’s much to be positive about the future and what technology can do for us.  The field that I’m in will certainly have an interesting learning curve ahead.

    Enjoy today!

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