1. Preparing for my new role

    Annie Sloan Painting: preparing for my first attempt

    Last week, I finally got going with the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint after attending two courses at BumbleDee earlier in the year.  It’s been on my ‘To Do’ list for a while now, with the furniture preparing to make an appearance and waiting patiently in the loft.

    I can see it could be quite addictive.  I’m not sure how artistic I am… but it’s an opportunity to improve and develop.

    Overall, I painted this piece of furniture and a few wooden frames that I’d bought at charity shops earlier in the year.  No preparation is needed, you can literally paint straight onto many mediums.

    I was pleased with the stencil, but I needed to add more colour (thickness and texture) underneath the brown and also try different sandpapers.  Not a bad first attempt though!

    If I hadn’t had the time off, I probably wouldn’t have found the shop and signed up for the courses.  My Mum did it too and enjoyed it, so it’s something to keep up and improve on into 2018.  It is certainly better than mindless shopping.

    BumbleDee Annie Sloan Nymph Stencil - My First Attempt!

    BumbleDee Annie Sloan Nymph Stencil – My First Attempt!

    Celebrity Spotting: famous for five minutes

    Last week I managed to do another thing that I’d not normally have time to do.  My Mum and I were going to a concert at The O2.

    I’d been prepared and booked an overnight stay in London (a nice little treat in itself – courtesy of the Hotels.com Reward night).  After a leisurely morning swim I was watching ‘This Morning‘ on the TV, whilst perusing a map of London working out where we were heading for the day.

    I realised we were very close to the Studios, so we walked along the river and ended up in the background shots on the TV.  Not quite ‘famous for five minutes’, but still was exciting!

    My friend later saw that I was also in the Daily Mail Online – so the excitement continued for a little while longer.

    Merry Christmas Everyone: sending positive thoughts for 2018

    Thoughts now turn to Christmas and spending time with family and friends.

    There’s no doubt that starting the new role is central to my thoughts.  This week I attended a team meeting and social event so got to meet many of the team, which breaks the ice a little for the new year.

    I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas.  Take some time to think about what is important to you and how you can take action now to prepare for a successful 2018.

    I will be making sure I’m prepared to start my new role, and not leave anything to the last minute, but that can wait until next week for now.  Time to relax, and enjoy the festive season.

    Merry Christmas Everyone Shakin' Stevens' song in my head!

    Merry Christmas Everyone Shakin’ Stevens’ song in my head!

    Enjoy Today.

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