1. Week 1: I’m the ‘newbie’

    Newbie Status

    I started a new job this week, so definitely felt like the ‘newbie’. I had to set an alarm, and more importantly, get up consistently for the first time in a long time.

    The day before was New Year’s Day and I started out fine, but as time went by I felt my nerves increase and I got a bit tearful.  That night I tossed and turned because I didn’t want to oversleep.  I was overthinking: what would it be like, would people like me, could I do the job etc etc.  All of which I’d not be able to give a rational answer to during the night of course.  Some of which wouldn’t be in my control too e.g. you can’t make people like you.

    I was due to start later on my first day, but I still wasn’t sure whether I would leave really early or not.  As the schools were off, I figured I’d give myself an hour to get there.  I arrived on time.

    The second day, I got up promptly at 6.15, showered and left the house a little after 7am.  My journey was fine, perhaps because a lot of people were still off work for Christmas.  I was already tired though, as everything was new, and it was overwhelming.  As I went in early, I left early so the traffic so far hasn’t been too bad for me.  I even managed to fit in some exercise at home.  This led me to shower in the evening, which meant a slightly later wake up time (all important?!).  I also took lots of stuff in: to personalise my desk, and also to get into a routine.

    It’s strange as I felt a little like when I first knew I was leaving my previous job, which made me think that I’ve restarted the change cycle.  It will take time to fit in and build up shared experiences with colleagues.

    As much as I’d like to fast-forward through this phase and get to be ‘competent’ again and feel that I belong, I know that I have to go through this.

    The first day I ended up with pen on my face somehow, and I’ve been babbling away about things and really just want to know what I am doing, but there is going to be a learning curve associated with new things.  There will be things that I can bring from my previous roles, but there is a lot to learn about how this company operates.

    I’ve managed to park in the same parking space for the last few days, which might mean I’ve displaced someone else.  I am getting to grips with the logistics of the office, and I’ve met quite a few people.

    I am also allowed to ask silly questions, because of course no question is silly.  Being the newbie  is something that won’t last forever, but here are some thoughts from an article in The Muse which I found comforting.

    In summary, I was tired from my first week, but feel optimistic for my second.  I will be less of a newbie!

    Enjoy today.


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