1. Mind over matter

    Mind over matter

    Having mind over matter is important in life.  I’ve been on my own a bit this Easter weekend, and at times my mind has been working overtime.

    I’m having to do things outside of my comfort zone.  When my mind is occupied and I’m doing things I can relax and feel normal, but then I start to over-think.  I have an overactive imagination at the best of times.  I then don’t sleep as well, as suddenly you hear different noises that don’t normally bother you, that kind of thing.

    Lack of sleep then leads to forgetfulness and making odd decisions sometimes.  The world seems so much better with a good night’s rest.

    Things on the mind

    I have a rental property that I’ve had for many years, and when things crop up with this I do rely on my father to fix it for me.  I think that’s an issue for me generally.  I’ve always had people to rely on, or who take over things, and therefore I’ve not had to learn certain things.

    I definitely feel part of Generation Hopeless in this regard, but it’s getting your mind over the matter and not waking up in the middle of the night fretting about things that I need to stop.  Not that I’m ‘hopeless’ at everything.  It’s just I’ve not had to build experience in certain things.

    Do you remember in Home Alone where Kevin was told his Mum would pack his suitcase, this came to mind as I was typing this post.  To be clear, I can pack my own suitcase, and often take charge of the holiday bookings etc.

    It’s important to take a step back and clear the mind.  There are practical steps that can be taken to fix problems.  And generally, things always work out.

    ‘Les Incompetent’

    Using Kevin McCallister as an example again.  He started to build up confidence after a while saying that he’s “not afraid anymore” and put up an excellent fight against the ‘would-be’ burglars, though he did enjoy hiding under the covers to forget his problems.  He learnt how to deal with things and his siblings and parents were impressed in the end.

    I remember when I was studying for my CIMA (accountancy) exams, I would sometimes stay at my flat for odd nights as I had to go to courses.  I wouldn’t sleep well and would invariably be hanging by the end of the course.  Luckily you then had time to study the content before attending a revision course, and then time to revise before the actual exam.  However, I made things harder for myself because I didn’t relax.

    I went on a school skiing trip and again didn’t sleep very well, so got worse and worse as I went along.  So anxiety levels definitely impact my sleep.  This is something that I constantly need to work on.  Though Declan Donnelly said he’d hardly had a wink of sleep having to present Saturday Night Takeaway alone last night, so I’m certainly not alone.

    Easter Celebrations

    It’s the long weekend, so things feel a little out of routine.  I’m now more used to the working 9-5 fives days a week routine, so having four days off is quite strange.  Coupled with lack of sleep, makes for an interesting time.

    Tomorrow I will be able to move a step closer to fixing the problem in my flat, but I will still rely on my Dad to oversee things, which I am sure he will do.  I will then wonder why I worried.  However, if I hadn’t had this on my mind then I would easily replace it with something else.  So that’s something for me to work on – learning to focus on the now rather than pondering on the ‘what-if’.  Especially in the middle of the night when things seem totally irrational.

    Hope you have a great Easter and enjoy some Egg Hunts.

    Enjoy today.

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